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How CA can help


  • CA members come together at meetings where they exchange their experience, strength and hope with the twelve step program of recovery from addiction.
  • Attending meetings is without obligation and is anonymous; there are no promises or pledges to make, no contracts to sign, no commitments to make, and no qualifications to be met.
  • The meetings are accessible, it is free, the expenses of the group are met by voluntary contributions, there are no waiting lists and no intake procedures.
  • The meetings are completely anonymous; you are not obligated to identify yourself. There are no attendance lists or reports made.
  • There are no leaders. Each group elects a chairperson to see that the meeting runs smoothly. These “officers” do not give orders to anybody.

How does the twelve step recovery program work?

  • We use the twelve step recovery program to get clean and to learn to live without cocaine and all other mind altering substances.
  • Members typically phone one another for support between meetings.
  • Newcomers are helped by ‘sponsors’, to learn how to apply the twelve steps in their daily lives.
  • CA is independent – there are no therapists or professional counselors associated with the CA program.


  • CA members are comprised of a mix of various social, ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds with a common problem.
  • Some members have hit rock bottom and others have lost little materially and socially before they came into CA.

Who can join?

  • Everyone who seeks help to quit and stay quit is welcome. To be a member, you only have to want to quit, and show up.
  • Some members first come to C.A. while in a treatment program or through individual psychotherapy, others find CA in different ways.
  • The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using cocaine and all mind altering substances. Who relapses is and stays welcome to come back.
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